Attention Owner’s Re: Annual Meeting Proxy

Annual Meeting – Wednesday, Nov. 16 in the library – proxy registration starts at 4:30 p.m.

Where possible, the AOAO recommends that you attend the Annual Meeting yourself, so you can hear and participate in the discussions that will take place.

These discussions often help the owners to understand the issue and the different perspectives in our condominium community and may change how you want to vote about a specific candidate or item. However, whether or not you currently plan to attend the meeting, we need your proxy in advance to establish a quorum and avoid additional expenses for a SECOND mailing.

Why would I appoint a proxy?
There are two main reasons why you (as an owner or mortgagee) might want to appoint a proxy. For example:

  • If you would like to vote but cannot attend the meeting yourself, your proxy can attend the meeting and vote on your behalf.
  • If you would like to count towards quorum for the meeting, but don’t want to vote, you can have a proxy attend the meeting. That proxy will be counted towards quorum for the meeting as if you were present yourself.
  • To establish a quorum and avoid additional expenses for a SECOND mailing.

How do I / we appoint a proxy?
To appoint a proxy, you must use the proxy form from your annual meeting packet. Blank forms are also available in the mailbox areas, by email, or by calling the management office as well as “The Kahala Beach” website:

Proxies are due NO LATER THAN 4:30 PM NOV. 14th.

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