Kahala Beach Resident Directory Updated

Dear Kahala Beach Neighbor,

Our Kahala Beach Resident Directory will be updated in the coming weeks. The Directory is to be used among neighbors, and is NOT to be used for solicitation of any kind.

IF all contact information in 2019 Directory is correct, and you care to be included again, no action is necessary on your part. IF you care to be excluded, please advise.

IF you will be in residence for at least one year, and would care to be listed, instructions will follow.

IF you are included in the 2019 Directory BUT some information has changed, instructions will follow.

INSTRUCTIONS: Send contact information, by email, received BY APRIL 15, to


Name(s) First and Last
Apartment Number
EMail Address(es)
Cell Phone(s) and Landline Phone

Mahalo nui loa,

Gail Loden

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